First Folio Partner:

Book Art & Letterpress Lab in the School of Art

The letterpress lab is a designed to support students working in letterpress printing and book arts. Equipped with five Vandercook presses and two platen presses and approximately 300 cases of metal type and 50 cases of woodtype. The binding studio is equipped with standing, nipping and kutrimmers, guillotines, board shearers. Digitally, the studio is equipped with a photopolymer plate maker and a laser cutter. The lab hosts classes, workshops and visiting artists including, François Deschamps, Karen Hanmer, Keith Smith, Scott McCarney, Julie Chen, Clifton Meador, Barb Tetenbaum, Inge Bruggeman, and Bruce Licher to name a few recent visitors.  The lab is also the home to an ASUA student group that is actively involved in the lab, producing art work, meeting and planning events centered on the book. It is located at 1035 Mabel Street.

Programs supported by this First Folio partner: